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About Us

Victor's Homebrew and Grape Arbor

I came into this primarily from a background of wine making, with some experience in brewing from the kits that Victor introduced me to in the distant past. We have a small vineyard in the South Valley to which I keep adding every year, hoping to turn it into a much bigger one. One of my home-grown wines I actually won a silver medal at the State Fair competition (2014 Leon Millot- Chancellor blend), so that got me further excited about improving my skills, and of course making more wine.

I have a background in teaching also, and enjoy getting to share with beginners and experienced home wine makers and brewers alike what I’ve learned over the years.

My family is an important part in running the business. Even though they have their own individual pursuits and interests, they pitch in when I need them to allow me to get some time off, play some tennis, and work on the expanding vineyard.




Victor’s Grape Arbor has been serving Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Southern Colorado for over 40 years, and for much of that time was the only home brewing supply shop in the region. Victor Trujillo purchased the business after it had been in operation for a number of years, and turned it into the source of not only wine and beer making supplies, but also a favorite and trusted source of information on brewing and home wine making. He also established a reputation for being a hub for information exchange, sharing of successes and failures, and a great place to spend some time to visit and talk all things fermentation. Victor’s daughter, Michelle, took over the shop after Victor passed on a number of years ago and continued the traditions that Victor nurtured all those years.

We purchased the shop from Michelle in September 2014, and have tried to follow in Victor’s and Michelle’s footsteps while bringing new additional products and services to the business.  Over the intervening time, I’ve had the great fun of learning retail business in general and the home brew business in particular. Every day brings new and old customers, and always new questions that send me to the books or internet to expand on my background in biology, chemistry, and business.

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Victor's Home Brew Hours

Holiday Hours. We will be closed the following days:
Veterans Day, Wednesday 11 November
Thanksgiving, Thursday-Friday 26-27 November
Christmas – New Years, 25 December – 1 January


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